Goodbye 2018!

I spent the last day of 2018 relaxing with my family, watching the kids play and also took some time to reflect on this past year.

I’ll be honest, 2018 started off as the worst year of my life, well that I could possibly imagine at that time.  Over a year ago I had an accident that put a lot of things in my life on hold as I tried to recover.  I couldn’t read.  I couldn’t write.  I couldn’t deal with computer screens, lights, or noise.  I couldn’t work.  I couldn’t handle listening to my children play or even to their laughter.  I couldn’t enjoy life.  I was in complete darkness – literally.  But in those difficult times, in that time of darkness, I found the greatest clarity.

My time during my recovery made me really look at my life, and begin to appreciate all the little things and moments I didn’t notice before.  For those who know me, I’m a busy body – the energizer bunny who just never stops.  Or at least that’s who I was.  There were days this past year where I felt I accomplished nothing, did nothing and felt I was no longer productive. And now looking back, I realize how much I accomplished.  2018 has been a year of healing, self-discovery, learning, gratitude and awakening.  Aside from re-learning basic skills I took for granted, I learned so much about how to really appreciate and enjoy life.  And I continue to heal, learn and celebrate every day.  Life isn’t about one single moment in time or one celebration or party; every day is a celebration.  It’s about being with the people you love.  It’s about doing what you love.  It’s about discovering or re-discovering your passions.  It’s about enjoying every moment life has to offer.

2018 challenged me like no other year has.  And I’m not talking about the typical challenges we think of, like hitting some goal at the gym or getting that promotion at work.  Don’t get me wrong, those are good, but I can say this was different.  2018 you challenged me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  2018 you taught me the most and gave me some of the hardest lessons about life.  What started as the most horrible year is now closing out as the year that changed my life.

Goodbye 2018 and thank you!  The gifts you gave me I will cherish forever and always remember.