Happy Birthday to Me!

Today’s my birthday and not spending it exactly as I had planned! No brunches with the girls, no shopping for that “it” bag I’d been eying, and probably no big slice of cake that I’d totally regret right after eating it. You see, we ended up at the hospital last night. We originally thought my son had a bad stomach bug but turns out he had appendicitis and to make things worse it had burst! Thanks to the great doctors at Sick Kids Hospital, his surgery was successful this morning and he’s now resting.

His little sister also had big plans for brunches, lunches and dinners for mommy’s birthday which didn’t quite pan out…but we had a lovely hospital food court lunch just the two of us when she came to visit her big brother!

I had great plans for today and some fun ideas for my birthday post – my gift wish list, my bucket list for the year and some other fun stuff. And as I sit here while my two boys (hubby and my son) sleep, I’m thinking it’s actually not that bad. So while I can’t say this was my best ever birthday I can tell you I got exactly what I wanted and I got to spend it with the people most important to me. My greatest gift was seeing my little boy wake up after the surgery and knowing he’ll be ok. I’m so grateful for my family, and their health and happiness. And that’s what made my birthday!

Happy birthday to me and cheers to another year with this crazy little bunch and everything life has to throw at us!